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Feature & Settings Questions
Feature & Settings Questions

Find out how to configure Pirate Ship and use all of its features.

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Can I create Return Labels with Pirate Ship?
How do I upload address spreadsheets into Pirate Ship?
Which option do I select under the "Type of Packaging" menu?
How can I send a label to someone else?
How can I create a Return Label for a label I already purchased?
Can I print an End-of-Day SCAN Form?
How do I edit my Ship From Address?
How do Auto-Refunds work?
Does Pirate Ship email the tracking number to my recipient?
What are Rubber Stamps and how do I use them?
Can I print multiple labels at once?
Can I buy batches of multiple labels at one time?
Does Pirate Ship have a mobile app?
Can I merge or split an order?
How do I upload a spreadsheet with different weights and dimensions?
How do I print Packing Lists or Gift Messages with Pirate Ship?
How do I add Signature Confirmation?
How can someone send an item back to me?
Why does Pirate Ship say my package is too small?
Does Pirate Ship have an API?
How does the Duplicate Shipment button work?
Can I add a Return Address that is different from my Ship From Address?
Why did Pirate Ship change my address?
How to schedule a pickup for your packages
Does Pirate Ship save my addresses?
How to autofill names & addresses
How can I change the size of my label?
Can I export a report of my shipment history?
How do I correct labels that have errors?
How to set a different Origin Zip Code than your Return Address
Does Pirate Ship offer a shopping cart plugin?
How can I export my orders from my integration in Pirate Ship?
Will Pirate Ship email me a receipt when I buy a label?
Can I save my package for repeated use?
Does Pirate Ship verify addresses?
Does Pirate Ship integrate with my scale?
How does the Paste Address feature work?
How does the Ignore Order button work?
What does the "BEST" label mean?
What is a Suggested Package?
Tracking Emails: When will tracking emails be sent?
Tracking Emails: Can I customize my tracking emails?
Tracking Emails: How do I add an image or logo to Tracking Emails?
Tracking Emails: Why should you Verify your Email Address?
Tracking Emails: What are DKIM and SPF and how do I verify them?
Tracking Emails: What is DMARC and how do I pass DMARC checks?