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Feature & Settings Questions
Feature & Settings Questions

Find out how to configure Pirate Ship and use all of its features.

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Will Pirate Ship email me a receipt when I buy a label?
What does the "BEST" label mean?
What is DMARC and how do I pass DMARC checks?
How to schedule a pickup for your packages
Why did Pirate Ship change my address?
How do I add an image or logo to Tracking Emails?
How can I send a label to someone else?
How do Auto-Refunds work?
How can I export my orders from my integration in Pirate Ship?
Which option do I select under the "Type of Packaging" menu?
How does the Duplicate Shipment button work?
Autofill Names & Addresses
How can I change the size of my label?
How does the Ignore Order button work?
Can I export a report of my shipment history?
What is a Suggested Package?
How can someone send an item back to me?
Can I add a Return Address that is different from my Ship From Address?
How do I upload a spreadsheet with different weights and dimensions?
Does Pirate Ship have a mobile app?
How to set a different Origin Zip Code than your Return Address
How do I add Signature Confirmation?
Can I customize my tracking emails?
How does the Paste Address feature work?
How do I print a label?
Does Pirate Ship have an API?
Can I Print with a Dymo 450?
Why does Pirate Ship say my package is too small?
Can I merge or split an order?
Tracking Emails: What are DKIM and SPF and how do I verify them?
Does Pirate Ship save my addresses?
Tracking Emails: Why should you Verify your Email Address?
Can I save my package for repeated use?
Does Pirate Ship integrate with my scale?
How do I edit my Ship From Address?
Does Pirate Ship offer a shopping cart plugin?
Can I print multiple labels at once?
What are Rubber Stamps and how do I use them?
How do I print Packing Lists or Gift Messages with Pirate Ship?
Can I buy batches of multiple labels at one time?
How do I upload address spreadsheets into Pirate Ship?
Does Pirate Ship verify addresses?
Can I print an End-of-Day SCAN Form?
Does Pirate Ship email the tracking number to my recipient?
How do I correct labels that had errors?
Can I create Return Labels with Pirate Ship?