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Does Pirate Ship email the tracking number to my recipient?
Does Pirate Ship email the tracking number to my recipient?

Here's how our tracking email feature works

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Yes, Pirate Ship allows you to schedule an email that sends the tracking number to your recipient. To use this feature, make sure you include an email for your recipients when uploading a spreadsheet of addresses or creating a single label.

For Single Labels and Spreadsheet Uploads 

You can customize the way this email looks and verify the email address it will be sent from by going to Settings > Tracking Emails.

Alternatively, if you’d like to import the tracking numbers into your own external email system, you can download the tracking numbers. Navigate to the “Ship” page, click on the desired batch or single label, and click the blue “Export Data” button. 

Turning On Tracking Emails for Your Integration

If you connect your eCommerce platform, you can enable Pirate Ship's tracking emails for your orders by going into your Settings > Integration Settings, and clicking "Edit":

A screenshot showing the Integration Settings for a Shopify connection. Towards the bottom of the list of settings, there is an option which reads, 'Enable Pirate Ship's Tracking Emails for Shopify shipments. Shopify Tracking Emails will not be sent.' There is a checkbox next to this, which lets you turn this feature on or off.

Note that Pirate Ship doesn't receive email addresses from eBay

When you buy a label and the order is marked as Complete, eBay and Etsy will notify the buyer themselves through their internal messaging system.

Checking to See if a Tracking Email was Sent

To check if a tracking email has been sent, head to your main Ship page and click on the label. At the bottom of the screen you will find the 'Email Recipients' line:

A screenshot showing the bottom of the Shipment Details page below where the map is shown. The last line is highlighted, and this line reads 'Email Recipients,' with a time stamp shown to the right of this.

If there is a date and time listed, that's when your tracking email was sent. If there is nothing listed, then no email was sent out from Pirate Ship!

Changing the Date and Time a Tracking Email is Sent

If the date and time originally set has not elapsed, you can change when the email will be sent out.

Forget to Include Your Recipient’s Email Address?

There isn’t a way to add your recipient’s email address after a label has been purchased, unfortunately 🙈

When this happens, you can just copy and paste the tracking number into your personal or business email to send to your recipient! Alternatively, you can refund that label and create a new one. Here's how to request a refund.

If you have any other questions, we're always happy to assist. Just click the blue chat icon at the bottom of your screen and we'll bee thar for ye, scallywag 💀 

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