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When will tracking emails be sent?
When will tracking emails be sent?

Can I customize my tracking email?

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In Pirate Ship, you can choose your Ship Date and when your Tracking Emails will be sent. 

You'll need to either enter the email address of the recipient manually, or ensure your import from one of our integrations contains an email address. 

Three Ways To Schedule Your Tracking Emails

By default, tracking emails are deployed one hour after purchasing postage.

If you head to Settings > Tracking Emails, you can select a Default Email Delay for all tracking emails:

A screenshot showing the Tracking Email Settings page. Towards the bottom, a section with the header 'Default Email Delay' is highlighted, and 1 hour is selected in the drop down menu below.

Here, you can also set up email templates and select which template you'd like to use from the dropdown. 

To send yourself a copy of every tracking email, head to Settings > Tracking Emails > Edit Template > Add your email to the BCC field. 

You can also schedule when tracking emails will be sent on the Buy Label page by clicking the calendar icon to select the date, and the clock icon to set the time:

A screenshot showing the shipment details before a label is purchased. Above the green 'Buy Label' button in the bottom right corner, there is a line that reads 'Email Recipients,' and there's a box towards the right where you can enter the date and time that you'd like the recipients to be emailed.

To change the tracking email time after the label has already been purchased, simply click on the label from your Ship page. Underneath the tracking map, click the blue time and date: 

A screenshot showing the bottom of the Shipment Details page. Towards the bottom right corner above the red 'Refund Label' button, there's a time stamp that shows when your recipient will be emailed the tracking email. If you click this time stamp, you can change the time that they will receive the email.

Then set the specified time you'd like your email to ship:

A screenshot showing the 'Set Email Notification Date' window that appears when you click the time stamp to change the email time. In this window, you can set the date and time that your recipient will receive the tracking email.

Please keep in mind if the default time has already elapsed, emails have been sent and you will be unable to alter the email time, rescind or resend the tracking email.

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