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What integrations does Pirate Ship have?
What integrations does Pirate Ship have?

Connect your eCommerce platform to quickly sync & ship your orders

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When you connect an eCommerce platform or marketplace to Pirate Ship, you can quickly import your orders to turn them into shipping labels & packing lists. Pirate Ship will automatically mark those orders as Complete/Fulfilled/Shipped with the tracking number in your eCommerce store, so you don't have to do anything else 👍

Pirate Ship currently connects to these eCommerce platforms:

We don't change your shopping cart shipping estimates

Pirate Ship doesn't affect the shipping rates your eCommerce platform quotes your customers in any way. Our integration just makes it easy for you to buy shipping labels at the cheapest rates USPS® offers, as well as at pre-negotiated UPS® rates... what you charge your customers is up to you 😉

Most successful eCommerce businesses build their average shipping cost into their product's pricing and call it "free shipping." This article has some great tips on that.

Don't see the integration you need? 

Let us know which one you need! But in the meantime, there's two easy ways you can still use it with Pirate Ship:

  • Copy/paste the full address into Pirate Ship to create labels one at a time.

  • Export your orders and upload that spreadsheet to Pirate Ship to create a batch of multiple labels. Here's how that works!

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