Yes, Pirate Ship will work with your Wix store! We don't have a direct connection with Wix yet, but it's very easy to export your Wix store orders and upload them to Pirate Ship with our spreadsheet integration.

Exporting your Orders from your Wix store is simple. Here's the steps:

  1. Login to your Wix store

  2. Click the Orders tab in the Store Manager

  3. Click the Export Orders icon

  4. Save the file to your computer

Next, turning that exported spreadsheet file into shipping labels with Pirate Ship is easy:

  1. Login to Pirate Ship

  2. From the "Ship" page click the "Upload a Spreadsheet" button

  3. Select your Wix export, and Pirate Ship will guide you through the steps

Note: When a customer makes a purchase of more than one item from your Wix store, each item appears in a separate row. Pirate Ship treats each row as a separate address that needs it's own label, so if you need to combine items together in the same shipment, you'll want to open the spreadsheet in any spreadsheet software like Excel or Numbers and delete the other rows.

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