Pirate Ship’s Big Cartel integration makes it simple to import your orders and turn them into shipping labels.

Here's how our Big Cartel app works:

You can connect your Big Cartel store in one of two ways:

  1. On the Ship page just click Import from Integrations, then Import from Big Cartel
  2. In Pirate Ship, head to Settings > Integrations and add your Big Cartel store

You'll be prompted to grant permission and then you'll be connected.

To edit your connection, go to Settings > Integrations  and clicking Edit.

By default, Pirate Ship imports orders that have the Payment Status Unpaid, Pending, and Completed. But you may want to change this if you only want Pirate Ship to import orders that have been paid for.

Next, choose whether or not to Enable Pirate Ship’s tracking emails, which are fully customizable and you can schedule when you want them to be sent.

You can also add Rubber Stamps if you want to print any additional data from your orders on the bottom of each shipping label. For example, by mapping the Order Items to a rubber stamp, we’ll be able to double check that we’re putting the label onto the correct box.

To see orders navigate to the Ship page and click Import from Big Cartel.

You can customize your grid to show the data you need. Click any column header to open the dropdown menu and click the Columns option at the bottom. Here you can choose which columns to show or hide.

You can also drag and drop columns to reorder them, and resize them to better fit your data.

To buy labels for identical orders, just click the column header for the Order Items column and filter for the orders you want to ship. Once it’s filtered, just click the check-all-box on the top left, and then click Get Rates to start turning your batch into shipping labels.

In Settings > Download Settings you can turn Packing Lists on for your orders. When you do this, Pirate Ship will automatically generate packing lists with full Order Item descriptions when you buy a label. These packing lists will be printed when you print the label, and can be a great way to keep complicated orders straight.

Have any questions? Let us know, we're here to help!

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