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How does the Subbly integration work?
How does the Subbly integration work?

Learn about Pirate Ship's Subbly shipping integration

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Subbly rocks 🤘 and is the subscription eCommerce platform of choice for entrepreneurs & marketers. Our integration makes it simple to turn your Subbly orders into shipping labels at the cheapest rates possible.

Once you've connected this integration, Pirate Ship will display all your unshipped orders, and when you buy labels for them, the orders are automatically marked as Shipped in Subbly with the tracking number

Here's how to connect Subbly to your Pirate Ship account:

  1. Copy your API key

  2. In Pirate Ship, go to Settings > Integrations, select Connect New Source > Subbly, and enter the API key.

Once your Subbly account is connected, on the Ship page in Pirate Ship you should now see an Import from Subbly button on the top right (or an Import from Integrations button if you have other platforms connected as well). Click on that button and you'll see all your unshipped Subbly orders!

You can filter & group your orders any way you need.

Pirate Ship will automatically refresh the order data periodically, but make sure to click the Refresh Data button before you ship to be sure you're looking at the most current order list.

Adjusting Subbly Integration Settings

In Settings > Integrations > Subbly you can adjust several settings:

  • Enable Pirate Ship's Tracking Emails for Subbly shipments: Activating this feature will allow you to use Pirate Ship's customizable tracking email system, and will prevent Subbly from sending out its own tracking emails. The big advantage to using Pirate Ship's emails is you can schedule when they will be sent, so if you're buying labels ahead of time you can delay the emails to the perfect time 👍

  • Enable Automatic Refresh: If you've got thouuuuusands of orders, sometimes it can take a minute to refresh them in Pirate Ship, so you may want to only refresh them manually.

  • Edit Rubber Stamps: You can include custom order information on the bottom of each label.

Pirate Ship doesn't display live rates to your customers

Keep in mind that Pirate Ship never displays live rates to your customers. What you charge for shipping is up to you 😉 Check out this article for some tips on what to charge for shipping.

Have any questions about Subbly? Let us know using the chat on the bottom right... we're here to help!

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