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Can I customize the data shown on the Import page?
Can I customize the data shown on the Import page?

Here's how to add columns to filter and sort your ecommerce orders

Updated over a week ago

When you connect an integration to Pirate Ship, we load the data from your eCommerce platform into columns that you can filter and sort.

We display the most commonly used columns by default, but there's more data available if you need it, and which columns are displayed is totally customizable.

Just click any column header to open the filter menu, click the Columns option at the bottom, and you can select which columns you'd like to show or hide 👍  This video contains an example of how to add a column in your Import page:

If you've got a lot of columns displayed on a small screen, you may have to scroll to the right to see them all.

You can also drag'n'drop the columns to rearrange them, just click and drag the column header to where you'd like it.

Need any help? Just ask 😀

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