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How can I export my orders from my integration in Pirate Ship?
How can I export my orders from my integration in Pirate Ship?

How does the Export Order feature work?

Updated over a week ago

You can now export your order data from your eCommerce platform directly from Pirate Ship! 

To do so, head to your Import Grid and select which orders you'd like to export. Note that exporting that data will still leave them in the Import grid 👍

You have the option to export single orders, or Bulk Export. Simply click on the Action button and click Export to get a spreadsheet of all the available data:

Screenshot of the Import Grid, showing the blue 'Actions' button on the left side of the grid. This button has been expanded into a drop down menu by clicking anywhere on it, and the option for 'Export' is highlighted.

Alternatively, you can Bulk Export as many orders as you'd like! 

A screenshot of the Import Grid, showing the check box in the top left corner of the grid. This checkbox is selected, which puts a checkmark next to every order in the grid. Above the Import Grid towards the center-right, the blue 'Bulk Actions' button is clicked, which reveals a drop down menu. The option for 'Export 7 orders' is highlighted.

Once you click Export, it will generate a CSV or XLSX file, depending on your Spreadsheet Export Filetype in your Settings > General Settings directly to your computer! 

This spreadsheet will contain the following data:

  • Action

  • Source

  • Order Date (PDT)

  • Order Items (Detailed)

  • Order Items

  • Order Items (SKU-only)

  • Address

  • Full Name

  • Company

  • Address Line 1

  • Address Line 2

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Country

  • Email

  • Order Item Count

  • Note

  • Item Total Weight

  • Order Value

  • Order ID

  • Order Status

  • Requested Shipping Service

  • Customer Shipping Cost

  • Coupon

  • Tags

  • Phone

  • User Name

Looking for something else? Hit the blue chat button on the bottom right if you have any further questions 😃

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