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Can I export a report of my shipment history?
Can I export a report of my shipment history?

Using the Shipments grid to do shipping data-based tasks

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It's easy to access a grid of your entire shipping history, either by doing a "blank" search on the Ship page or going to the Reports page and clicking "View All Shipments" in the Total Shipments section.

Through this Shipments grid, you can:

  • Filter shipments based on tracking status, shipping service, and more

  • Sort labels in a specific order for printing

  • Export a report of every package you've ever sent

  • Create records of shipping information for accounting purposes

To get started, head over to the Ship page and perform a "blank" search by clicking the magnifying glass with no text entered in the search field:

This will bring you to your Shipments grid, which is a detailed list of all of your label purchases to date:

Screenshot of the Shipment Grid, listing all labels purchased on the account.

We display the most commonly used data columns by default, but there's more data available if you need it, and which columns are displayed is totally customizable. Just click any column header to open the filter menu, click the Columns option at the bottom, and choose which columns you'd like to show or hide:

Screenshot of the Shipment grid- one of the column headers were clicked, which reveals sorting options and a 'Columns' option at the bottom. When 'Columns' is clicked, this reveals all of the column header options that are available to show or hide, with checkboxes to the left of them.

If you've got a lot of columns displayed on a small screen, you may have to scroll to the right to see them all. You can also drag'n'drop the columns to rearrange them; just click-and-drag the column header to where you'd like it.

To choose which labels you'd like to print, simply check the box on the lefthand side of the grid. Whichever order you check them in is the order they'll be printed in. You can also use the select-all checkbox at the top left to select all the shipments in the current filter or search.

You can export all the shipments in the current filter or search to a spreadsheet for further analysis or accounting needs by clicking the Export button.

If a red Refund button appears next to your shipment, that means the label is less than 28 days old and you can request a refund for it if you're not going to use it.

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