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How to navigate your Transaction History
How to navigate your Transaction History

Learn how to apply filters and export reports of your transactions

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The Reports page is one of the most useful pages on your Pirate Ship account! This is where you can see an aggregate of your transactions for a selected time period (or ever since you created your account!) 😉 You can also export reports based on certain periods of time in your Transaction History. Here's how:

Viewing your Transaction History

To view every transaction you've ever made on Pirate Ship, scroll down to the bottom of the Reports page until you see the section titled Transaction History. From there, you can apply specific filters, and export reports with all of the information you want!

Sorting your transactions by Date & Time

In your Transaction History, you can select a date range to see all transactions that took place during that period of time:

Note: When you select a date, the time defaults to 12:00am on that day. For example, selecting 4/1/22 - 4/5/22 won't actually show the transactions from 4/5 unless you also change the time 😅 An easy way around this is to select the day after the transaction period you want to view (such as 4/1/22 - 4/6/22), or manually set the time to something later that day.

Here's an example of how changing the time looks:

Sorting your transactions by Type of purchase

Once you have selected the desired date range in the column, you can also sort by the type of purchase 👍

By default, the Transaction History will show you every type of transaction, including Refunds, Carrier Adjustments, Labels, etc. If you want to export a record of only the Payments made, for example, select that option in the column titled Type:

This will show you only payments made by your card or PayPal payment method, no refunds or positive adjustments. This view is the most useful if you’re trying to total up your spending for a period of time 👌

Exporting Reports from your Transaction History

If you click “Export” to the right of the search bar, you’ll download a spreadsheet with the selected date range/transaction type. The spreadsheet will be named “Transactions” and show all payments as line items, and you’ll be able to total them up (or add any formulas you’d like).

Any questions? Click the blue chat button on the bottom right to get in touch with our Support Crew - we're alwas happy to help 😃

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