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How do I view receipts, or see my billing and transaction history?
How do I view receipts, or see my billing and transaction history?

Billing, reporting and transaction history options

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To view and download your payment history and receipts, go to the Reports page in Pirate Ship, as seen here:

Here you can see your entire transaction history, as well as:

  • Your current Account Balance 

  • Your Payment Totals and View Receipts

  • Your Pending Refunds

  • and Return Label totals

All of these reports are exportable in spreadsheet format for further analysis or record keeping.

If you’d like to export all your individual shipment history, navigate to the Ship page and do a blank search (leave the search field blank and click the magnifying glass button) to get a report that shows every shipment you’ve ever created. You can filter and export this report to spreadsheet format as well.

You can also get receipts as email notifications

If you'd like to receive an email with a receipt each time your payment method is charged, you can make that happen! Just go to your Settings > Account Settings, scroll down to the "Notifications" section, and toggle on Payment Receipts as seen in the screenshot below:

When you toggle on Payment Receipts, you'll get an email every time your card on file is charged, and you can print or download these receipts right from your inbox 😉

If there are multiple users in your account, keep in mind that email notifications are only toggled on a per-user basis. That means if one user opts in, only that user has opted in. So, if multiple users in the same account want these notifications, they can turn them on in Settings > Account Settings.

Where can I find my Billing Address?

Your Billing Address doesn't appear in your Settings. To see it, go to your Payment Receipts and click on one of your receipts. The address that shows up on your receipt is your Billing Address.

Here's a screenshot of a receipt as an example of where to look for your Billing Address:

How can I change my Billing Address?

If you'd like to change the Billing Address that you see on your receipts, contact our Support Crew and we can do that for you!

To get in touch with our crew, you can click the blue chat button in the bottom right-hand corner or email us at

Need anything special? Let us know and we can help out! 😃

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