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How to read your Reports page
How to read your Reports page

Understanding each section of the Reports page in Pirate Ship

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Here is a comprehensive breakdown of each section on the Reports page you'll find on Pirate Ship:

Pirate Ship saved you

The first item on the Reports page shows exactly how much booty you have saved on your labels since you started shipping with Pirate Ship 🤑 In other words, this figure shows the extra money you would have paid to ship your packages directly with USPS® or UPS® without any discounts.

Pending Returns

This section shows the total amount of pending Return Labels you have created that have not yet been scanned in by USPS or UPS yet. Once USPS or UPS scans in any return labels, this section will update to reflect that. You can also view all the return labels you've ever made by clicking "View Return Labels."

Note: You won't be charged for USPS return labels until USPS scans them in, while UPS won't charge you until the return package is delivered.

Learn more about how return labels work.

Pending Refunds

Here, you'll see all the labels you've refunded that have not yet been approved. Once USPS or UPS approves a refund, we automatically apply that credit to your Account Balance. We can also move those funds back to your original payment method once they come through...all you need to do is chat with us and ask for that 😉

Account Balance

This shows the amount of funds you have in your Pirate Ship account. Funds get added to your account balance whenever you "Add Credit," receive refunds from unused labels, or receive a positive adjustment of any kind. When you have funds available in your account balance, we automatically apply those funds toward shipping labels 👍

You can also refund any credit in your account balance to your original payment method by clicking the blue "Refund Credit" text underneath your balance.

Total Shipping Costs

This section displays the amount of money you've specifically allocated towards shipping labels. Note that this does not reflect the total amount of credit you have added to your account—only the funds that have been applied to shipping labels and their associated costs 👍

Similarly, whenever you receive a positive adjustment via a refund or a credit, your Total Shipping Costs will reflect this, and will decrease by that amount.

Carrier Adjustments

USPS has an Automated Package Verification (APV) system that will sometimes charge you after a package is delivered—or "make adjustments" to your account—if they determined that your box or envelope is different than the information you entered when creating your label 🙈 You can see all of these adjustments by clicking "View All Adjustments."

Similarly, UPS labels are subject to certain surcharges that will appear in this section alongside any USPS adjustments. Learn more about the UPS surcharges you may see on Pirate Ship.

Total Payments

This section displays the total of all the payments you have applied to your Pirate Ship account, including the cost of all your labels, carrier adjustments, and credit added. Be sure to not confuse this "Total Payments" section with "Total Shipping Costs," since these numbers can be quite different based on how you choose to pay for postage 😅

Note that whenever a refund or credit is applied to your Account Balance, the Total Payments won't reflect this. Instead, it only reflects the total amount of money you've spent in your account.

Average Cost

This section displays your average cost per shipment, based on all of the labels you've bought during the specific time period designated at the top of your Reports page. You can use this data as a benchmark to determine how much you should charge your customers for shipping, if you decide to charge them at all 😉

Avg. Domestic

"Avg. Domestic" displays the average cost of one of your packages sent within the United States (including military addresses and US Territories), based on the domestic labels you've purchased.

Avg. International

"Avg. International" displays the average cost of one of your packages sent outside of the United States, based on the international labels you've purchased.

New Shipments

When you purchase any new labels that USPS or UPS has not yet scanned in, they will appear in this "New Shipments" section. Once USPS or UPS scans these labels in and marks the packages as 'In Transit,' this section will update to reflect that 👌

Delivery Issues

This section displays any labels that USPS or UPS marked as undeliverable, as in the case of an insufficient address, a package refusal, or lack of access to a delivery point.

Total Shipments

This section displays all of the shipments you have created over the specific time period designated at the top of your Reports page.


If you hover over each section of this pie chart, you will be able to see the percentage allocation of all of the different services you have purchased. This applies to domestic services such as First Class Package and Priority Mail, as well as international services like Simple Export Rate® and Priority Mail International.

Recipient Zones

"Recipient Zones" is a colored bar graph that displays a visual representation of which zones you have shipped to the most. Similar to the "Services" section next to it, you can hover over each of these colored columns to view the exact percentage of shipments you have created to each particular USPS and UPS Zone.

Top States

The "Top States" section displays the top 5 states you've shipped to since creating your account. The darker shade of green the state is, the more you have shipped there. This section also displays how many shipments you've sent to these top 5 states, as well as the average cost of all the shipments you've sent there.

Top International Countries

Similar to the "Top States," this section shows you the percentage allocation of the top countries you've shipped to, with the darker-green destinations signifying where you have shipped to the most in the world 🌏 It also displays the average cost of all the shipments you've sent to these particular countries, as well as the total number of shipments to each one.

Transaction History

The last section of your Reports page details every transaction you have made since creating your account 💳 It will show you each label you purchased, to whom it was addressed, and how much it cost. Your Transaction History will also show you any other additions or subtractions to your Account Balance, including approved refunds, carrier adjustments, insurance payouts, and any miscellaneous credits.

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