When purchasing postage, you are required to enter accurate data because it's what the cost of shipping is based on. You can avoid delays and unexpected charges by being 100% accurate when purchasing your postage, especially with exact dimensions and weights.

While your package is in transit, USPS will verify that you've purchased the correct amount of postage for your package. They will charge your Pirate Ship account for any differences they notice. Because of delays in the data, these adjustments can come up to 30 days after the package is delivered.

USPS will verify your packages for accurate:

  • Weight

  • Dimensions

  • Service

  • Package Type

  • Origin Zipcode

  • Destination Zipcode

If differences between what you entered when buying the postage and the actual package result in an underpayment or overpayment, they will automatically charge or credit your Pirate Ship account for the difference.

APV will not turn First Class Package or weight-based Priority Mail into Priority Mail Cubic

Note that the APV system does not apply Priority Mail Cubic rates to packages which had postage for another service. This means that in cases where Priority Mail Cubic would have been cheapest with the "new" dimensions and weight, USPS will essentially penalize you for entering inaccurate details. For example, if you purchase a First Class Package label for a 15.9 ounce package with the dimensions of 7x7x3", but the package is found to actually be 159 ounces, then you will be charged the weight-based Priority Mail rate, even though the dimension-based Priority Mail Cubic rate would have been *much* cheaper. That's why it's important to enter accurate sizes & weights when buying postage!

Can I dispute an incorrect APV adjustment?

Sometimes these automated USPS machines make mistakes, so it's no problem to dispute an adjustment 👍

Just reply to the adjustment email or chat with our support team to get your dispute started! Any evidence you can provide to prove your package was what you originally said it was when you purchased the postage is a huge help in getting those disputes approved quickly. Evidence could include:

  • Photos of the item that was shipped, or an identical item

  • Photos of the specific package in question, or an identical package

  • An invoice, online listing, or other proof of what the item was

  • Evidence that your scale is calibrated correctly

  • A written statement about the shipment

When a dispute is filed with USPS they'll pull up all the records of your shipment, including photographs that are snapped of each package as it passes through the machines. If they see something weird, like another package stacked on top of your package, they will approve the dispute and your Pirate Ship account will be credited... but if everything looks accurate, they will deny the dispute.

Note that it usually takes USPS 4-6 weeks to process disputes, and it's only possible to file disputes for up to 60 days after receiving the adjustment.

If you have any questions or concerns about any adjustments that USPS has made to your account, just contact us and we'll help you figure it out!

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