When you purchase shipping labels on Pirate Ship, both USPS and UPS may charge you after you ship in the form of Carrier Adjustments. These charges will appear in your individual shipment links, and you can see all of these charges listed out in your Reports / Carrier Adjustments.

Note that none of these charges ever come from Pirate Ship, but directly from the carriers themselves 😅

Here's a breakdown of the types of adjustments you may see when shipping with USPS and UPS:

APV Adjustments (USPS)

When you ship with USPS, the type of carrier adjustments you might see are APV adjustments. USPS runs each package in their network through the Automated Package Verification System (or APV, for short). This system helps USPS verify your packages for accurate:

  • Weight

  • Dimensions

  • Service Type

  • Package Type

  • Origin Zipcode

  • Destination Zipcode

If USPS determines that you underpaid/overpaid for postage or used a different package or service from what you entered when buying your label, they will automatically charge or credit your Pirate Ship account for the difference.

You can dispute APV adjustments from USPS

If you feel USPS incorrectly adjusted your shipment, you can find that adjustment either by looking up the tracking number or by using the link in the email. At the bottom of your shipment page, you can click the blue “Dispute this adjustment” link:

Once you file a dispute, USPS typically takes up to 15 business days to process it. You can only file disputes up to 60 days after receiving the notification. When USPS approves a dispute, your account will be credited for the adjustment amount, and Pirate Ship will send you an email notifying you of the approval 👍

Surcharge Adjustments (UPS)

When you ship with UPS, carrier adjustments may come in the form of Surcharge adjustments. UPS has an extensive list of surcharges that apply to all shipments in their network. Similar to USPS, UPS has an internal system to verify your packages for accurate:

  • Weight

  • Dimensions

  • Origin Zone

  • Destination Zone

However, UPS also imposes many other surcharges on top of verifying you entered the correct package and address information. A few examples of other carrier adjustments you might see when shipping with UPS on Pirate Ship include Saturday Delivery, Additional Handling, and Extended Area surcharges.

Disputing UPS surcharge adjustments

As is the case with APV adjustments from USPS, you can also contest UPS surcharge adjustments by following the same dispute process. At the bottom of the shipment page, click the blue "Dispute this adjustment" link to begin the dispute process:

UPS typically takes one week to process disputes for surcharge adjustments. If your dispute is approved, you'll see a credit to your account for the amount of the adjustment, and you'll also get an email from Pirate Ship letting you know the dispute was approved 😊

Note: When UPS adjusts a shipment, they also charge a "Shipping Charge Correction Audit Fee." If the total adjustment UPS imposes on your shipment is under $10, this correction audit fee is $1. If the adjustment is over $10, the fee becomes $2.

For more information on avoiding these adjustments, check out the UPS resource: How to Avoid Shipping Charge Corrections.

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