UPS offers a ton of flexibility with their shipping services, but sometimes they impose surcharges on top of the base cost of postage. The good news is, through the UPS Digital Access Program, the most common UPS surcharges are free 💰

UPS Surcharges covered when you use Pirate Ship

Here are the surcharges that are covered when you buy UPS labels on Pirate Ship:

Residential Delivery Surcharge

The Residential Delivery Surcharge is typically $5, which UPS applies to every package they deliver to a residential address. When you buy UPS labels on Pirate Ship, you won't ever have to pay it!

Fuel Surcharge

This surcharge fluctuates based on fuel prices, but it usually runs 8% of the cost of your postage. You won't have to pay this surcharge when you use Pirate Ship, either.

Delivery Area Surcharge - Rural

UPS imposes this surcharge on packages going to certain ZIP codes they consider "rural," meaning it takes them a long time to drive there and carry out delivery. This one usually runs $3-5, and is the final surcharge that Pirate Ship covers for you as part of the UPS Digital Access Program 👍

Other UPS surcharges not covered when you use Pirate Ship

Here are the surcharges that aren't covered when you buy UPS labels with Pirate Ship, meaning you may be subject to them from time to time.

Delivery Area Surcharge - Super Rural

Through the Digital Access Program, this is a $2.25 charge. UPS applies the Super Rural Delivery Area Surcharge to packages going to ZIP codes they deem "extra rural"—like a farm without any neighbors for miles—but this is pretty rare. This surcharge also applies to UPS pickups from those same ZIP codes.

Delivery Area Surcharge - Congested Area

This is a $12 charge, and is applied in extremely rare situations based on the destination ZIP code.

Large Package Surcharge

The Large Package Surcharge is $73.50 for commercial destinations, and $81.25 for residential addresses. Large Packages are subject to a minimum billable weight of 90 pounds, and UPS applies this surcharge on a per-package basis for both domestic and international services.

For domestic shipments, this applies when:

  • The package has a length (longest side of the package) plus girth (2x width + 2x height) exceeds 130 inches

  • The package has a length (longest side of the package) that exceeds 96 inches.

For international shipments, this applies when:

  • The package has a length (longest side of the package) plus girth (2x width + 2x height) exceeds 130 inches.

Note: an Additional Handling surcharge won't be assessed when a Large Package Surcharge is applied.

Additional Handling Surcharge (Dimensions and Packaging)

This is one of the more complicated UPS surcharges 😅 The Additional Handling Surcharge is $11.75 though the DAP program, and UPS will it apply it if a package's dimensions meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The length (longest side of the package) plus girth (2x height + 2x width) of a package is more than 105 inches

  • The longest side of the package exceeds 48 inches

  • The second-longest side of the package exceeds 30 inches

  • Items are in a soft-sided pack (such as a poly bag or bubble mailer) that exceeds 18 inches along its longest side, 14 inches along its second-longest side, or 6 inches in height

In other cases, UPS will apply this surcharge if the shipment's packaging meets one of the following criteria:

  • The items aren't fully encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container (including tires)

  • The outer shipping containers aren't made of corrugated cardboard including (but not limited to) canvas, leather, metal, wood, hard plastic, soft plastic (think plastic bag), or extended polystyrene foam (think styrofoam)

  • The outer shipping containers are covered in shrink wrap or stretch wrap

  • The package is bound with metal, plastic, or cloth banding

  • A package contains wheels, casters, handles, or straps

  • The outer surface area is loosely wrapped or where the contents protrude outside the container surface

  • The package is "irregular" or cylindrical-like, including but not limited to buckets, barrels, cans, drums, mailing tubes, or pails

Lastly, this charge applies if:

  • UPS routes the package through their irregular package sortation process, including but not limited to packages 1 inch or less in height

  • The package requires special handling, as UPS determines in its sole discretion

Learn more about how to send an irregular package.

Additional Handling Surcharge (Weight)

The weight-based Additional Handling surcharge is less complicated than the dimension-based one 😉 This surcharge is $17 through the Digital Access Program. It applies to domestic packages that weigh more than 50 pounds, and international packages that weigh more than 70 pounds.

Address Correction Surcharge

If you enter an incorrect or an incomplete address when buying your label, UPS will try to figure out how to deliver your shipment to the correct destination. When this happens, UPS applies this surcharge of $18 to your shipment after they deliver it.

Over Maximum Limits Surcharge

At $920 per shipment, this surcharge is the most expensive one 😬 UPS applies this surcharge to any package that exceed 150 pounds, 108" in length, or 165" in length plus girth! Basically, UPS doesn't want oversized packages in their network, so they'll hit you with this surcharge if you ship a package that exceeds any of the above criteria.

The good news is, Pirate Ship will never let you purchase postage for anything bigger than what UPS allows 😜 So, as long as you're accurate with the weight and dimensions you enter when making your label, you should be fine!

Remote Area Surcharge

UPS applies the Remote Area Surcharge to shipments going to or from Alaska and Hawaii. If the origin or destination is in Alaska, the charge will be $32.50. If the origin or destination is in Hawaii, the charge is $10.65.

This charge doesn't just apply to deliveries, but also to pickup requests!

Extended Area Surcharge

An Extended Area Surcharge applies to shipments for some international origins and destinations. To determine if UPS considers a particular origin or destination as an Extended Area, visit or call 1-800-782-7892.

For this surcharge, UPS will charge you whichever is greater: either $42 per shipment, or $0.42 per pound (lb).

Delivery Intercept

This surcharge costs $17.60 for web requests, and UPS applies it to any shipment within their network that you need to intercept. Once you give your package to UPS, you can intercept it and request for UPS to either:

  • Return the package to you

  • Deliver the package on a future date

  • Make the package available at Will Call for pickup at a local UPS hub (this option is free!)

Note: For any UPS labels you buy on Pirate Ship, you won't be able to make this request through your personal UPS account or through the UPS website. You'll need to contact our Support Crew any time you need to make this happen 👌

Any questions? Click the blue chat button to chat with our Support Crew or email us at - we're happy to help!

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