USPS and UPS are pretty lenient when it comes to the shape of your package, but sometimes you might need to ship what's known as an "Irregular Package" 📦

An irregular package is basically anything outside of normal packaging, dimensions, and weights for both USPS and UPS services. Some examples of these kinds of packages are mailing tubes, or anything that isn't inside a cardboard box, envelope, or poly mailer. Items with unbalanced dimensions such as fishing rods or guitars would also be considered irregular packages. Other common types of irregular packages are things that are shipped without any packaging, like tires, or things shipped in wooden crates.

Look for the "Irregular Package" checkbox under the Extra Services drop-down

Whenever you're shipping one of these types of packages, you'll need to designate it when creating your label 👍 You can find check the "Irregular Package" box underneath the Extra Services drop-down menu, in the same place where you select other options such as Return Labels and Insurance:

Irregular packages affect UPS services more than USPS

If you're shipping with USPS, selecting the "Irregular Package" option won't change things much.

On the other hand, UPS adds an additional handling surcharge on top of the cost of postage. So, when shipping an Irregular Package, be prepared to pay a little extra if you choose to ship with one of the UPS services 😅

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