How do I ship a tube?

What option do I select for a tube?

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Depending on which carrier you plan to use, shipping a tube is a bit different of a process from sending a normal package.

Select "Irregular Package" from the Extra Services drop-down menu

Whether you plan on shipping with USPS® or UPS®, you need to select the "Irregular Package" checkbox from the Extra Services drop-down menu when creating a single label. Here's how that looks:

This checkbox is specifically designated for unusual package shapes, and tubes fall into this category 😉

Shipping a tube with USPS

USPS considers tubes to be boxes. However, you can't use tubes for some services such as Priority Mail Cubic. Marking the "irregular package" checkbox will remove Cubic as an option 👍

When creating a label, simply select the "Box or Rigid Packaging" package type from the Type of Packaging dropdown, and enter the dimensions as if the tube were rectangular. You will be charged the same rate as if it were a box. 

If you're using a USPS-branded Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express Tube, make sure to select the corresponding service from the Service dropdown before you click the BUY button. For example, if you're using a Priority Mail Express-branded tube, you need to buy Priority Mail Express postage.

Shipping a tube with UPS

For UPS, the same exact process applies; mark it as an "Irregular Package" and then select the "Box or Rigid" package type from the Type of Packaging dropdown menu. Next, enter the dimensions like the tube were rectangular, and you're good to go 👌

If you're using the UPS Express Tube, mark it as an "Irregular Package," and then be sure to select that specific packaging option from the Type of Packaging drop-down menu when creating a single label.

Here's what you'll need to look for in that case:

One thing to keep in mind is that tubes may trigger an Additional Handling surcharge that you'll need to pay on top of your original postage. Since UPS needs to sort these unbalanced packages by hand, they impose an adjustment on your account for the extra cost.

That's it! If you have any other questions, click the blue chat button to get in touch with our Support Crew - we're always happy to lend a hook 😃

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