For approved accounts, we can offer Pay-on-Use Return Labels, which are a great way to include a return label in your outbound shipments that you won't pay for unless it's used.

The return label feature is only approved upon request. If you’re interested just let us know by chatting with us using the button on the bottom right of the screen.

How do Return Labels work?

To create a Return Label, open the "Extra Services" area when creating a label and check the Return Label box:

When you create a Return Label, the Ship From and Ship To addresses are swapped, so that your address will be where the package is sent to.

If your customer uses the label you will be charged the postage rate plus a 25 cent return label cost.

What options do you have for Pay-on-Use Return Labels?

Return Labels Only:
Select this option if you only want to create a return label. You can print or email this label. All you need to do is input the address of the returnee in the Ship To field as if you were shipping to them like normal. When you select the Return Label option, Pirate Ship automatically swaps the Ship To address with the Ship From, so that the Ship From address will be where the package is returned to.

Return Labels Included:
This option gives you both an outbound label to ship the package to the recipient, and a pay-on-use return label which the recipient could use to ship it back if they need to. Simply enter in the recipient's details in the Ship To field, open the Extra Services area, check the Return Label checkbox, and select Return Labels Included. You will then print a regular label and a return label, which will have the Ship To and Ship From addresses swapped. 

Can I create Prepaid Return Labels?

Another way to create a "return label" is to add a Ship From address that is the address your customer or recipient will ship the package from, and then create a normal shipping label with yourself as the recipient. Read more about that here

How do I know that I've created a Return Label?

When you're looking at a Return Label, you'll see a blue arrow:

This is an indication that a Return Label has been created, and also that those addresses will be swapped. Meaning, the address shown here at the top as Jolly Rogers will be the sender, with your address as the recipient.

Click here if you want to learn how to create a Return Label for a package that has already been sent.

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