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How can I create a Return Label for a label I already purchased?
How can I create a Return Label for a label I already purchased?
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There’s a quick and easy way to make a Return Label for a shipment you’ve already sent out! 

First, go to the shipment you want returned. You can find it on the Ship page, or use the search bar to look it up by name, address, or tracking number:

Once you’ve found the shipment, just click on it anywhere (except for the Refund button 😉) to get into the Shipment Details.

A screenshot of the Shipment Grid, with the entire row for a particular shipment highlighted, indicating that you can click anywhere in this space to view the Shipment Details page.

At the bottom of the page, click on the Duplicate Shipment button. This will pull in all of the information you need to create a new Return Label!

You can make any changes you need if the return shipment is different.

In the Extra Services section, mark the Return Labels checkbox:

A screenshot of the Extra Services menu that appears on the 'Create a Single Label' form. An arrow points at the circle to the left of where it says 'Extra Services' to indicate that you may need to click this to expand the options below. Underneath, 'Return Labels' has a checkbox next to it, and 'Return Labels Only' is selected in the dropdown menu immediately below this.

Make sure to select Return Labels Only, since we don’t need an outgoing label.

Click Get Rates!

You should see a circular blue arrow next to your recipient’s name. This lets you know that Pirate Ship will swap the Ship To and Ship From addresses on your label once it’s finalized.

In the Choose a Service menu, you can select how you want this package returned to you.

Click Buy Label.

Remember, Return Labels aren’t charged until they get scanned by the Post Office on their way back to you, so you won’t be charged until that label gets used!

Click Print Label and then Create Share Link:

You can email the Share Link directly to the person sending your package back, and they’ll have full access to print out that return label, even if they don't have a Pirate Ship account 👍

If you have any questions, give us a shout! Our support team is always happy to lend a hook and get you sailing in the right direction!


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