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How can someone send an item back to me?
How can someone send an item back to me?

Can I create a label to send something to myself?

Updated over a week ago

Whether you left your favorite sweater at your mom's house at Christmas, or are getting an item back from a buyer, there's always a need for creating a Return Label.  

If you just need to send one Return Label, head to Settings > Ship From Addresses > Create Ship From Address and add the sender's address. 

Then, head to Ship > Create Single Label, select the Ship From address you just created and enter your address in the Ship To field. 

You can either download the label as a PDF and email it to your sender, or click the Create Share Link button and send that link over! 

Be sure to set your own Ship From address back to default if you've changed it!

If you plan to use lots of Return Labels, Check out our Pay-on-Use Return Label feature here. Chat with us to get that enabled! 

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