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Shipping overseas is a pain in the peg leg, so we created an exclusive international shipping service called Simple Export Rate 🌎

This service offers the deepest discounts possible with a simple rate structure that makes it easy to know what to charge your customers:

Pirate Ship Simple Export Rate 2023 pricing

Just chat with us to get these exclusive rates activated on your account ☠️

Here's how it works:

  • For Canada, you'll get an international shipping label with the customs form printed on it.

  • For all other countries, you'll get a domestic label with our export sorting center's address on it. Use that label to ship your package to the sorting center 👍

  • When the sorting center receives the package, it's relabeled with your recipient's full name & address plus all the customs information you entered in Pirate Ship.

  • The package is then sped on its way to your international recipient 😎

Key Features:

  • Simple Export Rate is the cheapest pricing for shipping packages that weigh less than 4 pounds internationally.

  • You can ship Simple Export Rate to any country, just hand it to USPS like any package!

  • Full door-to-door tracking is included to these 55 countries.

  • Simple Export Rate is delivered within 1-4 weeks depending on the country.

  • Pirate Ship makes international shipping simple, with customs form information either printed on the label or transmitted electronically.

  • 70% of the world's buying power is outside the USA. Unlock a boatload of new global orders by offering incredible international shipping rates 👍  

The Fine Print: 

  • Your package can be any type of regular cardboard or custom box or envelope.

  • Maximum length is 22" in any dimension, and Length + Height + Width combined can't be more than 36" total.

  • Rates are simply based on the weight of the package and whether the destination is Canada or the Rest of the World. The maximum weight is 4 lbs, and the maximum value is $400.

  • For shipments to any country other than Canada, when you select "Gift" when creating your customs form, it will still default to "Merchandise" when you print the label. This is totally normal, and nothing to worry about. Shipments going to Canada will still display "Gift" on the customs form when you select that option.

  • There's no catch, it's that Simple 😉 

Gift vs. Merchandise...

If you use Simple Export Rate for any country other than Canada, ‘Gift’ will not be supported. If you select 'Gift' while creating a label, it will show up as ‘Merchandise’ on the physical label once you print it. For some countries, this will impact the amount of Customs Taxes and Fees your customer is liable for.

For any shipment needing to be shipped as a ‘Gift,’ we recommend using USPS First Class Package International, or USPS Priority Mail International. Keep in mind that recipients of a Gift may need to provide proof to customs that items are being shipped as a gift from an individual, and that not all Gift shipments will be exempt from import taxes. Shippers are responsible for determining the right content category for their packages.

If you are shipping to Canada, regardless of the service purchased, ‘Gift’ will be supported and appear on the label as normal 👌

Simple Export Rate doesn't include insurance

The only thing to note with Simple Export Rate is that it doesn't come with any built-in insurance 🙈 We generally recommend adding insurance for all international shipments, and you can check out your options on that front here.

Tracking your package

If you or your recipient want to keep an eye on your package, all you need to do is paste the "AHOY" tracking number into the Asendia USA tracking portal. This number is the singular door-to-door tracking number, and the only one you ever need to worry about 💪

YARRrrrr sendin' plunder to Canada, eh?

If you're using Simple Export Rate to send a package to Canada, you won't get an "AHOY" tracking number. In this case, you can follow along with your package by pasting your tracking number into the USPS tracking portal like normal!

So how can I get Simple Export Rate?

Hit the chat button to activate this service, and sail off into the sunset with all the doubloons you'll be saving 💰

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