Pirate Ship partnered with USPS to create an exclusive international shipping service called Simple Export Rate 🌎 

Shipping overseas is a pain in the peg leg, so we wanted to offer the deepest discounts possible with a simple rate structure that makes it easy to know what to charge:

Just chat with us to get these exclusive rates activated on your account ☠️

Key Features:

  • Simple Export Rate is the cheapest pricing for shipping packages that weigh less than 4 pounds internationally.
  • You can ship Simple Export Rate anywhere, just hand it to USPS like any package!
  • This is NOT a consolidation service! Like First Class Package International or Priority Mail International, USPS delivers the package to the foreign country's Postal Service, who make the final delivery.
  • Simple Export Rate travels at a First Class standard, with delivery within 1-3 weeks depending on the country.
  • Simple Export Rate includes free door-to-door tracking to these 26 countries.
  • Pirate Ship makes international shipping simple, with a customs form that's printed right on the shipping label.
  • 70% of the world's buying power is outside the USA. Unlock a boatload of new global orders by offering incredible international shipping rates 👍  

The Fine Print: 

  • Your package can be any type of regular cardboard or custom box or envelope.
  • Maximum length is 24" in any dimension, and Length + Height + Width combined can't be more than 36" total.
  • Rates are simply based on the weight of the package and whether the destination is Canada or the Rest of the World. The maximum weight is 4 lbs, and the maximum value is $400.
  • There's no catches, it's that Simple 😉 

So how can I get Simple Export Rate?

Hit the chat button to activate this service, and sail off into the sunset with all the doubloons you'll be saving 💰

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