Some USPS services (Like Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Cubic® and Priority Mail Flat Rate®) include $100 of insurance from USPS® for free. Pirate Ship also offers additional 3rd party insurance that can be added to any service. Learn about each USPS service here.

To add third party insurance to any service, simply select the “Insurance” check box and enter the declared package value. 

A screenshot showing the 'Extra Services' menu below where you'll enter your shipment's weight while creating a label. You may need to click the plus sign to the left of where it says 'Extra Services' to expand the menu below. There is an option for 'Insurance' in this menu with a check box to the left of it. If this checkbox is clicked, you will see a box below that says 'Declared Package Value,' which is where you'll enter your package's total value in USD.

For services that include insurance such as Priority Mail®, this will only add 3rd-party insurance if you declare $101 or more. Note in the event that you have to file a claim, you will have to prove the value that you declared.

Third-party insurance is not "added on top" of the USPS insurance. So if your shipment is worth $300, declare the full $300 value—not just $200 since Priority Mail comes with $100.

International shipments

We generally recommend adding insurance for all international shipments, because other country's postal services aren't as good as the USA... and for high-value shipments that would be a huge loss if they're damaged or go missing.

*Pro Tip

You can and must include the value of postage and/or packaging in your declaration if you want compensation for the postage and/or packaging in the event a claim is made.

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