There are two different processes for insurance claims, depending on what service and insurance you purchased. If you’re not sure which one your package has, just ask and we’re happy to help!

To process a claim for a USPS-insured service, such as a Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express package that had a declared value of $100 or less, you’ll need to file the claim directly with USPS at We’re happy to help answer questions, but cannot directly assist with the process. If USPS approves the claim, they will mail you a check.

To process a claim for a 3rd party-insured service, contact Pirate Ship customer support and we’ll guide you through the entire process. Please note that for missing shipments, you’ll need to wait 20 days from the shipment date for a domestic shipment, or 40 days from the shipment date for an international shipment, before you can file an insurance claim. If the claim is approved by the 3rd-party insurer, the credit will be applied to your Pirate Ship account balance, or you can have a check mailed to you.

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