There are three different processes for insurance claims, depending on what service and insurance you purchased. If you’re not sure which one your package has, just ask! We’re happy to help 😉

Priority Mail insurance

Through Pirate Ship, all domestic Priority Mail services include $100 of free built-in insurance coverage from USPS. Similarly, international Priority Mail services include $200 of coverage.

To process a claim for a USPS-insured service, such as a Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express package that had a declared value of $100 or less, you’ll need to file the claim directly with USPS at We’re happy to help answer questions, but cannot directly assist with the process. If USPS approves the claim, they will mail you a check.

For Priority Mail claims, the shipper or recipient can file a claim with USPS through their portal.

UPS Carrier Liability

When you use Pirate Ship, every UPS label you purchase comes with $100 of carrier liability. If you need to file a claim for a lost or damaged UPS shipment, you'll need to contact Pirate Ship customer support so we can file the claim on your behalf. You can click the button to live chat with us, or send us an email at 👌

To see what sort of evidence you'll need to provide and to learn more about UPS insurance claims on Pirate Ship, check out our guide:

How do I file a UPS insurance claim?

3rd Party Insurance (Shipsurance)

To file a claim for a 3rd party-insured service, contact Pirate Ship customer support to begin the process.

For claims filed with Shipsurance, only the shipper can file a claim as they are the individual that purchased the coverage policy.

In order to file a claim, you will need to provide the following:

  • The tracking number (including a screenshot of a tracking scan from USPS proving they accepted the package)

  • An invoice or proof of value of the items

  • Proof of a payment transaction for the item (i.e. credit card, PayPal, CashApp, Venmo receipt, etc)

  • If you've refunded the customer or sent a replacement, proof of that (but we do recommend waiting to refund them until your recipient has cooperated with anything the insurance company asks for, if possible)

  • Screenshots of messages or emails you’ve had with the recipient

  • For damaged claims, you'll need to submit: 1) a photo of the entire damaged item; 2) photos of the external packaging (aka the outside of the box/envelope); 3) photos of the inside of the box/envelope with any packaging materials you used

Please note that this evidence is necessary in order to begin the claim filing process 👍 Shipsurance may or may not request additional evidence based on the circumstances of your claim. Please review their Terms & Conditions here. Keep in mind not complying with Shipsurance’s additional requests may result in a denial of your claim!

For missing USPS shipments, you'll need to wait 20 days from the shipment date for a domestic shipment, or 40 days from the shipment date for an international shipment before you can file an insurance claim. That said, if the package has already been scanned as Delivered and you need to file a claim, there is no minimum waiting period.

UPS packages, on the other hand, may be filed for loss prior to the 20-day mark for domestic shipments and the 40-day mark for international shipments.

In some cases, Shipsurance is asking for even longer wait times for delivery due to COVID-19. As seen in their Terms and Conditions, the deadline to file a claim and provide Shipsurance with everything they need is 120 calendar days from the date of your shipment.

If the claim is approved by the 3rd-party insurer, the credit will be applied to your Pirate Ship Account Balance. We can also issue the credit via PayPal, or mail you a check 😃

Note: For insurance claims to be valid, Shipsurance requires proof of a USPS acceptance scan. End-of-Day SCAN Forms and scans from the self-service kiosks at Post Offices aren't considered proper proof, in this case.

Where do I send this info?

You can send your evidence to any of our crew members via live chat, or email us at 📩

If you’d like to simplify the process, you can also create a Google Album with all of your evidence here, and then send us the album link. This way, you just have to send one link instead of several different attachments 😎

Any questions? Chat with our Support Crew and we'll lend a helping hook 😊

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