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UPS® Ground Saver: Everything You Need to Know
UPS® Ground Saver: Everything You Need to Know

UPS Ground Saver is an economy ground service designed for low-value, non-urgent shipments that are being shipped to U.S. addresses

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UPS Ground Saver is specially designed for low-value shipments that need reliable delivery 🎉

This service is the perfect opportunity to save even more money on domestic shipments that aren't time-sensitive, allowing you to keep more loot in your pocket while offering delivery that your customers can count on! UPS Ground Saver also gives you the option to use UPS to ship to PO Boxes, U.S. Territories, and U.S. Military Addresses all over the world 🌎

What are the basics of UPS Ground Saver?

Here are the main points you need to know about UPS Ground Saver:

  • UPS Ground Saver is the most affordable UPS service on Pirate Ship

  • It can be delivered 7 days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays

  • It's specially designed for small and lightweight packages that don't require time-sensitive delivery

  • UPS Ground Saver moves throughout the UPS network and will be delivered by UPS, or in some cases will be handed to the local Post Office for last-mile delivery by USPS

  • Ground Saver packages can only be dropped off/picked up with UPS and must not be dropped off with USPS despite the USPS barcode on the label

How to interpret a UPS Ground Saver label

UPS Ground Saver labels look a bit different from regular UPS labels, since USPS handles the last-mile delivery in some cases. Within them, you'll find two different tracking numbers, as well as a couple of different addresses that may be confusing 🙈

Here's the breakdown of each different part of a Ground Saver label:

  1. Address of the local Post Office where UPS will deliver it to

  2. UPS Tracking Number for UPS' portion of the journey

  3. Your recipient's delivery address

  4. USPS Tracking Number for the last-mile delivery (your Ground Saver label will come with a USPS tracking number regardless of whether or not UPS tenders the package to USPS; if USPS receives the package for last-mile delivery, the tracking number will activate on the USPS website)

How can I track UPS Ground Saver packages?

Like with all other UPS shipments, you'll see all tracking updates on your shipment page in Pirate Ship. You can also keep an eyepatch on tracking updates on the UPS website for more detailed information 😉

If your package's last tracking update is from UPS, you can request a Return to Sender (RTS) if you need it sent back to you. Unfortunately, you can't reroute it or have it held.

When you request a Return to Sender for a Ground Saver package that UPS is still in possession of, the package will be sent to the Ship From address you provided on your original label.

Insurance works differently from normal UPS shipments

UPS Ground Saver labels on Pirate Ship come with $100 of carrier liability. However, that coverage only applies to the portion of the journey when UPS has the package. If USPS takes over delivery for the "last mile," UPS isn't responsible for it anymore, and that $100 of carrier liability no longer exists.

As is the case with all packages, we recommend purchasing extra insurance on these shipments! Third-party insurance covers the package during its entire journey, and you can declare a value of up to $5,000 per shipment. Plus, the process for filing a claim doesn't change at all, no matter which carrier was handling the package if it arrives damaged or gets lost in transit.

One thing to note: UPS will inspect every package before they hand it to USPS, and they won't tender a package to USPS if they see that it's damaged. In this case, UPS will mark the package "Return to Sender" and will be delivered back to you, and you'll be able to file a claim against the $100 of included UPS carrier liability.

Limitations & things to keep in mind

Here are some guidelines for UPS Ground Saver packages:

You can ship to PO Boxes, Military Addresses, & U.S. Territories

Since UPS partners with USPS to handle last-mile delivery for some UPS Ground Saver shipments, this service gives you the ability to use UPS to ship to PO Boxes, Military Addresses, and U.S. Territories except Puerto Rico.

USPS is typically the only carrier that can deliver to these destinations. However, with USPS sometimes handling last-mile delivery, UPS Ground Saver shipments can be delivered to these destinations, too 🙌

While UPS Ground Saver allows you to ship to PO Boxes, Military Addresses, and U.S. Territories, you can't use this service when shipping from any of these locations (you can only ship with UPS Ground Saver from the continental U.S., or contiguous 48 states).

Maximum size & weight limits

  • Packages must be at least 4” high, 6” long, and .75” wide (4 x 6 x 0.75") and may not exceed 130” in length & girth combined

  • No one dimension can exceed 60” in length

  • Maximum weight is 70 lbs per package

  • Packages that weigh less than 1 lb will be subject to a minimum billable weight of 1 lb

Note: If you ship a package with UPS Ground Saver that exceeds any of the above weight and size restrictions, UPS will hit you with an "Over Maximum Limits" surcharge, which is $1,150 😱

Signature Confirmation isn't available

UPS doesn't support Signature Confirmation for UPS Ground Saver packages 😅 If you select Signature Confirmation when creating your label, then UPS Ground Saver won't appear as a service to ship with.

Packages will be left at your recipient’s location without obtaining a signature, and UPS/USPS will only make one delivery attempt.

Rubber Stamps aren't supported

Unfortunately, UPS doesn't allow you to add rubber stamps to Ground Saver labels.

Packages are subject to both UPS & USPS policies

UPS Ground Saver is unique because your package may be subject to policies from both UPS and USPS, depending on whether USPS handles the last-mile delivery. For instance, once your package officially enters the USPS system, you may be subject to fees that USPS imposes in certain scenarios 😇

Some scenarios when you may incur a fee from USPS on a Ground Saver package include when USPS needs to forward the shipment from an old address to a new one, return the package to you because it was undeliverable, etc.

Surcharges may still apply

As is the case with all UPS shipments, surcharges may apply to UPS Ground Saver packages. However, your package may incur surcharges specific to this service. Those surcharges are as follows:

  • Non-Standard Cube Charge: Applies to any package with Length x Width x Height measuring more than 2 cubic feet (3456 cubic inches)

  • Non-Standard Length Charge: Any package where the longest side measures more than 22 inches and not exceeding 30 inches

  • Non-Standard Extra Length Charge: Any package where the longest side measures more than 30 inches and not exceeding 48 inches

Learn more about the UPS surcharges you may incur on Pirate Ship.

That's it, matey! If you have any questions, click the blue button to chat with our Support Crew or send us an email at - we'll help get you sailing in the right direction ⛵

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