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Items you can't ship with Simple Export Rate®
Items you can't ship with Simple Export Rate®

Learn about the types of shipments you can't send with Simple Export Rate

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Here are some examples of items you can't send with Simple Export Rate:

  • Counterfeit goods

  • Hazardous materials including corrosive, explosives, or flammable goods

  • Knives

  • Illicit drugs or controlled substances

  • Live animals

  • Tobacco or nicotine products, including cigarettes and cigars

  • Prohibited or restricted items

Some tips for shipping with Simple Export Rate

On top of not sending any prohibited items, here are some guidelines to follow whenever you create an international shipment.

Check the USPS Individual Country Listings before shipping

No matter the kind of item you're sending, every country has different regulations and laws for what they allow to be imported. One country may allow you to send your item there, while another may restrict it and never let it through customs 😅

Since this is the case, we always recommend checking the USPS Individual Country Listings before you buy your label to verify you're able to send your item to the destination country in question.

Don't send any hazardous materials

When shipping internationally, the safest bet is to not send any hazardous materials of any kind. The majority of these items can only be sent with a domestic ground service like USPS Ground Advantage, and if you attempt to use an international service for any hazardous items, your shipment may be returned back to you or disposed of.

Make your customs form as specific as possible

When filling out your customs form during the label creation process, it's important to be as detailed as possible with your item description and value. For instance, if you're sending a MacBook Air, don't just enter "Laptop" in the customs field. Instead, enter "15-inch MacBook Air" 😉

If your customs form isn't detailed enough, your destination country's customs department may return the package to you. So, the more detailed you can make your customs form, the better off you'll be!

Purchase shipping insurance (if applicable)

One final thing to remember when sending international packages is to include additional shipping insurance. Our third-party insurance provider covers you in the event that your shipment goes missing or arrives damaged. However, there are certain items that are excluded from coverage per the Shipsurance Terms and Conditions, which you should be aware of before you purchase insurance 🙈

You can check the excluded items in the Insurance field under the "Extra Services" drop-down menu when creating a label. Here's how that looks:

That's it! If you have any questions, click the blue button to chat with our Support Crew - we're here for ya 😃

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