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How does the Ignore Order button work?
How does the Ignore Order button work?

Here's how to hide an ecommerce order you don't want to see in your Import page.

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes an ecommerce platform sends inaccurate data to Pirate Ship, and an order you've already shipped or simply don't need anymore is still showing up as if you need to ship it.

In your Import Grid, you can Ignore any orders you don't plan on shipping. Just click the Actions menu for that order and select Ignore

A screenshot of the Import Grid, highlighting the blue 'Actions' button on the left side of the grid. The button has been clicked, revealing a drop down menu below. A red arrow points to the 'Ignore' option in this menu.

Or if there's a bunch of orders you'd like to ignore, check all the orders and click Bulk Actions > Ignore Orders:

A screenshot of the Import Grid, with the checkboxes clicked to the left of 3 separate orders. Towards the top center-right, the blue 'Bulk Actions' button is highlighted, and it's clicked to reveal a drop down menu. There is a red arrow pointing at the option for 'Ignore 3 Orders.'

You can see all the orders you've ignored by clicking the Display ignored orders link at the bottom of the grid:

A screenshot of the Import Grid, with a red arrow pointing towards the bottom center-right where it says 'Display 5 ignored orders.'

When you're viewing your Ignored Orders, you can Unignore any of them you'd like to show back up:

A screenshot of the 'Ignored Orders' section of the Import Grid. The blue 'Actions' button towards the left of the Grid for one of the orders is highlighted, and it has been clicked to reveal a drop down menu. A red arrow points at the option to 'Unignore' in this menu.

We hope this helps keep your Import Grid deck swabbed up clean and organized! Let us know if we can help in any way 😃

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