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Can I merge or split an order?
Can I merge or split an order?

We don't currently offer a way to automatically combine or divide orders, but here's how to do it manually

Updated over a week ago

When you're importing orders from an eCommerce platform, you may find you need to merge multiple orders for the same recipient, or split an order into multiple shipments. We're working on launching an easy way to do this! In the meantime, here are some workarounds to manually merge and split orders 😉

Note: Manually merging orders does not refer to the multi-box shipment method that UPS offers, where you can purchase one label for a set of identical boxes going to the same recipient! Pirate Ship doesn't offer this particular service from UPS, either.

Merge Multiple Orders into a Single Shipment

  1. In the Import page in Pirate Ship, hit Get Rates for one of the orders you want to merge. When you're filling in the weight and dimensions of the package, do it for the combined weight & size of all the orders you're merging.

  2. After you've purchased that label, the order you created the label for will automatically be marked as Shipped in your eCommerce platform (so you won't need to do anything for that one). But you'll need to manually mark the other orders as Shipped/Fulfilled in your eCommerce platform, and copy/paste the tracking number in as well. Once all the orders are marked as Fulfilled, they won't show up in Pirate Ship anymore.

Split an Order into Multiple Shipments

  1. In the Import page in Pirate Ship, hit Get Rates for the order you want to split and create your first label using this process.

  2. After you've purchased that label, go back to the Ship page and use the Single Label form to create any other labels you need. When you start typing the recipient's name or email address, Pirate Ship will suggest the rest 👍

Sorry for the temporary workarounds Captain! We'll have some new features for this soon.

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