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Can I customize my tracking emails?
Can I customize my tracking emails?
Can I white-label my tracking emails to make them fully customizable?
Updated over a week ago

Head to Settings > Tracking Emails > Edit to customize your Tracking Emails.

Tracking emails are 100% customizable with HTML. You can customize the sender name and email address, and also add DKIM and SPF records if you have your own domain, so everything comes from you! 

If you're not an HTML wizard, no worries! The body text is fully flexible and can say anything you'd like. 

You can also BCC yourself if you want to get a copy of every tracking email. Simply add your email to the Send copies to (BCC) field as shown below:

A screenshot showing the 'Tracking Emails' section of Settings, after 'Edit' was clicked to customize a specific tracking email. Under where it says 'Edit Email template' towards the right, there is a section that you can fill out that says 'Send copies to (BCC).' This is annotated, 'Add your email here.'
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