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How does the eBay integration work?
How does the eBay integration work?

Learn about Pirate Ship's eBay shipping integration

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  • Import Your Paid & Unshipped eBay Orders: Pirate Ship’s eBay integration makes it simple to import your "paid" unshipped eBay orders and turn them into shipping labels. When you ship an eBay order using Pirate Ship, the order is automatically set to "Shipped" in eBay and the tracking number and carrier type are sent to eBay. 

See the Pirate Ship Ebay integration in action:

How to connect YARrrr eBay store to your Pirate Ship account

  • Connect YARrrr eBay Integration: From y'er Pirate Ship account, head to Settings > Integrations > Connect New Source > eBay and authorize the connection.

    • Once your eBay account is connected, when you click Import from eBay (or Import from Integrations if you have multiple stores connected) you’ll see all the orders with the status "Not Started / In Progress."

    • Only orders with the financial status "Paid" are displayed. Pirate Ship will refresh the data periodically, but click the Refresh Data button so you’re always looking at the most current order list.  

  • Filter Columns in YARrrr Import Grid: You can click any of the columns to filter or sort the data to group and select which orders you'd like to create shipments for.

  • Edit Field Mapping to Add Order Info to Labels: In Pirate Ship’s Settings > Integrations > eBay page you can edit the "Field Mapping" to have some of the eBay order data printed in small text in the corner of the shipping label.

    • This is commonly used to print Order Items or an Order ID on each label, which can be helpful.

Which Financial Statuses you can import

  • Financial Status of Orders: When importing orders from eBay, we can import the following Financial Statuses:

    • Paid

    • Payment Pending

  • A Visual Example: Here's a screenshot to display how that looks:

  • Partially Refunded Orders Can't Be Imported: Note that we cannot import Partially Refunded orders 🙈

    • If you need to buy a label for an order that's been partially refunded, you'll need to do this manually by Creating a Single Label, and then copy the tracking number back to your order in eBay to mark it as "Complete."

What happens if you refund a label for an order you imported from eBay?

  • Refunded Labels for Imported Orders: If you refund a label for an order you imported from eBay, we cannot set the order to the status Unshipped in eBay, so that order will not be visible on the Import page in Pirate Ship.

    • If you still need to ship this order, you'll need to manually create a label by going to Ship > Create a Single Label and filling out the form.

    • Once you've created the label manually, copy/paste the tracking number back into eBay to mark the order as shipped.

Pirate Ship doesn't display live rates to your customers

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Have any questions or need help setting up YARrrr eBay integration, Matey? Click the blue chat icon to get in touch with our Support Crew - we'll get you sailing on smooth waters in no time! 🏴‍☠️

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