Head to your Settings > Integrations

Click Connect New Source in the top right:

A screenshot from the Integrations page under Settings that shows the Connect New Source button in blue in the upper right hand corner.

Select eBay from that drop-down list:

A screenshot of the dropdown menu that displays when clicking on the Connect New Source button. Selecting eBay from this menu will allow a user to connect a new eBay Store.

Once that’s done, click Save Connection to save those changes.

Then just login with your other eBay account when prompted:

A screenshot of the eBay login page to enter credentials for email and password to connect a new eBay store to your Pirate Ship account.

One thing we do recommend is to change the name of your integrations to match your store names, so you know where each order is coming from! 

To do that, click the Edit button for one of your eBay connections:

A screenshot of the Integrations page that highlights the blue Edit button. Clicking on this button allows a user to edit their eBay integration and it is recommended to change the name of your eBay integration to something more specific so you can differentiate between different stores.

Then you can update the Source Name to reflect the name of your store:

A screenshot of the landing page for editing a specific integration connection. Here a user can enter the specific name of their eBay store in the Source field and then click on the blue Save Connection button for that information to be saved.

Once that’s done, click Save Connection to save those changes.

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