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Why won't my order Import from eBay?
Why won't my order Import from eBay?

Why won't my eBay order show up?

Updated over a week ago

There are a few situations where eBay orders won't show up in Pirate Ship:

  1. Pirate Ship only imports Unshipped orders. If your order has already been marked as shipped in eBay, it won't show up.

  2. If you bought a label in Pirate Ship and refunded that label, we are not able to re-import that order. You'll have to recreate it manually. 

  3. Order items on eBay with emojis or other non-alphanumeric characters (like ™℠®©) in the name may not appear in your Import Grid on Pirate Ship due to our system not being able to recognize them.

  4. Pirate Ship will only import orders with the financial statuses of Paid or Payment Pending. This can be configured in Settings > Integrations > eBay > Edit. If your order has a different status, it will not be imported: 

A screenshot showing the eBay Integration Settings as they appear on Pirate Ship. Under where it says, 'Select Financial Statuses to import,' the drop down menu is expanded to show that orders marked as both Paid and Payment Pending should be coming through on Pirate Ship.
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