You can request a refund from USPS® or UPS® for labels you don’t need, or if you made a mistake. You must request a refund within 28 days of buying the label, but Pirate Ship will automatically request refunds for unused labels if you forget 😉 You can read more about that here.

Here's how to request a refund:

Simply click on the label on your Pirate Ship Ship page (or if the label is within a batch, click on the batch first) and find the red Refund Label button.

For batches of labels, you can either refund individual labels inside the batch, or the whole thing:

A screenshot showing the shipments within a single batch. There's a red 'Refund Labels' button towards the top right that can be used to request a refund for an entire batch, or there's single 'Refund' buttons next to each shipment, to request a refund for an individual label.

Once the refund request is submitted, USPS waits for up to 30 days to verify that the label hasn’t been used. If the refund request is approved, the credit will be applied back to your Pirate Ship account balance.

Refunds for UPS labels are way faster; they come back to your account balance within an hour or so!

Once the credit is back in your account balance, it'll be used against your next purchase automatically... or we’re happy to refund any amount to your payment method! Hit the blue chat button on the bottom right to request an Account Balance refund 😃 

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