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Pay with your Bank Account via ACH payments
Pay with your Bank Account via ACH payments

Connect your bank account to Pirate Ship to purchase labels with ACH payments

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It's easy to connect your bank account and purchase labels on Pirate Ship from direct bank ACH payments 💰

Why you should consider using ACH payments

Here's some reasons to consider paying with your bank account:

No limits

Unlike paying with a credit card, there's no transaction limits when you use ACH. So if you're shipping lots of packages, you don't need to worry about hitting any ceilings 😉 As long as you've got the money in your account, you can buy as much postage as you need!

More security

If your debit card or credit card ever has to be replaced, you won't have to update anything on Pirate Ship! Connecting your bank account means that your payments to Pirate Ship won't be affected. The only time you'll need to change anything is if you want to connect a new bank account 👍

How to connect your bank account to Pirate Ship

To set up ACH payments, just head to Settings > Payment Method. Click the blue "Add New Payment Method" at the top and then select the green "Pay with your bank account" button:

Click "Continue" here:

From there, follow the prompts to connect your bank account. You'll need to search for your bank, and then enter your login info for your bank account (the username & password you use to log in to your bank). Note that Pirate Ship never sees or stores your username & password—this information is kept secure by our banking partner Plaid 👍

Once you connect your account and log in with your banking username & password, click "Confirm" and you're all set to sail!

FAQs for using ACH bank payments with Pirate Ship

Is my data safe and encrypted?

When you enter your bank username and password to connect your account, it doesn't even pass through Pirate Ship's servers. Instead, our banking partner Plaid sends it directly to your bank to authenticate you. Plaid then provides Pirate Ship with a token that we can use to initiate your payments securely. Nobody ever sees your banking username or password, and your data is fully safe and encrypted 🔒

You can read more about how Plaid works here:

Can I still add credit or pay for labels as I go?

When you pay via ACH everything functions on Pirate Ship just like it does with any other payment method 💪

You can pay for labels as you go, add credit to your Account Balance, and issue your own refunds for labels you don't need. Payments are consolidated in your Reports page, receipts are sent when you make a payment, etc. Everything is the same!

Why did my payment get declined?

Similar to debit cards, ACH payments will be declined if a bank account doesn't have the funds to cover it 🙈

Pending payments may also fail for a variety of reasons. When this happens, the payment status will change to "Failed" and the payment amount will be reversed in your Account Balance. When this happens, your bank account will also be deleted as a payment method. You'll then have to re-add it or add another payment method.

How long will my payment take to post in my Pirate Ship account?

On normal business days, payments made in the morning should hit your bank account that afternoon, and payments made in the afternoon will hit the next business day. During the time in between, the payment status will show as Pending, and once it hits the status will be Paid.

Have any questions? Click the blue chat button to get in touch with our Support Crew—we're here to help you get sailing in the right direction ⛵️

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