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Will Pirate Ship email me a receipt when I buy a label?
Will Pirate Ship email me a receipt when I buy a label?

How to toggle on email notifications with payment receipts

Updated over a week ago

How to turn on Payment Receipts

Go to your Settings > Account Settings, scroll down to the "Notifications" section, and toggle on Payment Receipts like in the screenshot below:

When you toggle on the Payment Receipts feature, you'll get an email with a receipt each time your card on file is charged, and you can print it or download directly from your inbox. These emailed receipts will look no different from the receipts that you can view in your Reports page 👍

Email notifications are toggled on a per user basis

If there are multiple users in your account, keep in mind that email notifications are only toggled on a per user basis. That means if one user opts in, only that user has opted in. So, if multiple users in the same account want these notifications, they can turn them on in Settings > Account Settings when they're logged in.

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