How do I print a receipt?

There are several ways to print receipts showing costs and tracking number, if you want a hard printed copy.

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When you buy a USPS® or UPS® label in Pirate Ship, there are several ways you can print a receipt showing your costs.

First, it's important to note that adding credit to your Pirate Ship account and purchasing a label are technically 2 separate transactions:

  1. When you're buying a label, if you don't have enough credit in your account balance to make the purchase, your payment method is charged. The credit from this payment is put into your account balance.

  2. To create a label, the credit is then withdrawn from your account balance.

If you have enough credit in your account balance, your payment method will not be charged to purchase a label. This is common when you've set a Default Payment Amount to load your account up with credit, or if you've had refunds approved by USPS or UPS.

All this is to explain there are two different kinds of receipts:

  • Payment receipts just show that you've purchased postage credit from Pirate Ship, and these are available to view and print in Reports > View Receipts. These receipts include details such as the card you used to pay, but do not include details about any shipping labels that might have been purchased with that credit.

  • Shipment receipts breakdown the cost of the postage and any extra services you added, and include the tracking number of the shipping label. You can view these receipts by finding the Shipment on the Ship page and clicking it to view the details.

To print either of these types of receipts, use your web browser's File > Print function:

You can also opt-in for receipts to be emailed to you

If you'd like to receive an email receipt each time your payment method is charged, you can make that happen! Just go to your Settings > Account Settings, scroll down to the "Notifications" section, and toggle on Payment Receipts like in the screenshot below:

When you enable this feature, you'll receive an email with a receipt every time your card on file is charged, and you can print it directly from your inbox 👍

For accounts with multiple users, keep in mind that email notifications are toggled on a per user basis. That means if one user opts in, only that user has opted in. So, if multiple users in the same account want these notifications, they can turn them on in Settings > Account Settings.

Have any questions? Use the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen, we're here to help!

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