The Default Payment Amount feature allows you to add funds to your account in a specified amount instead of paying per label. It's particularly useful if your bank starts declining your card because of tons of small transactions! 

To enable your Default Payment Amount head to Settings > Payment Method and select the amount you'd like from the dropdown.

A screenshot showing the 'Payment Method' section of Settings. Below where the cards on file are listed, there is a section with the header, 'Choose Your Default Payment Amount.' Below is a drop down menu, and if you click it, you'll see the following options: No Default, $10, $20, $50, $100, $250, $500, and $1000.

The next time you purchase a label, you will be charged the amount you selected instead of the exact cost of that label if the amount doesn't exceed the Default Payment Amount you selected.

Any additional funds that were not used against your label purchase will be held in your Pirate Ship Account Balance, ready to for future use. 

If a label costs more than the Default you've set, you will not be charged your selected Default Payment Amount. 

For example, say you have $0 in your Pirate Ship account balance and you’re purchasing a label that costs $5.

If your Default Payment Amount is set to "No Default," you will only be charged $5, and you'll have no credit left in your Pirate Ship account balance after the transaction.

But if your Default Payment Amount is set to $20, you'll be charged $20, $5 will be used for purchasing the label, and you'll have $15 left in your Pirate Ship Account Balance.

Your Account Balance is always available, and we can also refund it to you at any time, just chat with us 😃

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