Why can't I refund my label?

There's no option to refund my label.

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There are a few reasons why you may not be able to request a refund on a label:

1. When USPS or UPS scans a package into its network, the option to refund the label goes away since the label is considered used. If you shipped the package and picked it up from the Post Office or a UPS Access Point after realizing there was a mistake, send us a message and we can help you out 👍

2. If the Ship Date is more than 28 days in the past, the Refund Label button will disappear. UPS labels expire after 100 days, while USPS has a return policy of 28 days for unused labels... but Pirate Ship has an Auto-Refund feature that automatically requests refunds for unused USPS and UPS labels, so you shouldn't run into this 😉

You can tell that it's been 28 days if the Refund Label button is not available, and by checking the Ship Date:

A screenshot showing where you can find the Ship Date at the bottom of the Shipment Details page. This information is listed below where the Total Cost is shown.

3. You cannot refund a Return Label, because you don't get charged unless the return label is used, so there's nothing to refund 😉 If it's a Return Label, it'll look like this:

A screenshot showing the bottom of the Shipment Details page, highlighting where it shows whether a label is a return label, next to where the cost is shown. On the line for 'Total Cost,' it shows $0.00 of $5.19 max to indicate that you haven't been charged for the label yet, since it hasn't been scanned in.

Just hit the blue chat button on the bottom right of your screen if you have any other questions! 

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