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How do I cancel a refund request?
How do I cancel a refund request?

What to do when you still need to use a label but you've requested a refund.

Updated over a week ago

If you ever request a refund for a label in Pirate Ship, but later decide you still need it, the only way to cancel the refund request is to just use the label if it was already printed. Once USPS sees label has been used, the refund request will automatically be canceled at no penalty to you 😉

If you've already printed a UPS label and gotten your refund, you can still use it for up to 100 days, but you'll be charged for it again once UPS scans the package in 😅 This will show up as an adjustment on the individual shipment page, and the amount for that label will be deducted from your Account Balance.

Unfortunately, if the label was not printed prior to the refund request, there isn't a way to cancel the request and print the label. We recommend using our Duplicate Shipment feature to quickly make a copy of the label to be repurchased 👍

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