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How do I cancel a refund request?
How do I cancel a refund request?

What to do when you still need to use a label but you've requested a refund.

Updated over a week ago

There isn't a way to cancel a refund request for a label once you have submitted the refund 🙈 However, depending on whether you're shipping with USPS or UPS, you might still be able to use your label.

USPS labels

If you request a refund for a USPS label in Pirate Ship but later decide you still need it, you can simply use the label if it was already printed. Once USPS sees that the label has been used, the refund request will automatically be canceled at no penalty to you!

Keep in mind that this only works if you have already printed your label. If you haven't printed your USPS label and you submit it for a refund, you'll need to create a new label from scratch. In this case, we recommend using our Duplicate Shipment feature to quickly make a copy of the label that you need to repurchase 👍

UPS labels

Once you refund a UPS label, you won't be able to use that label anymore—even if you've already printed it. If you hand UPS a package with a refunded label, UPS will route the package to an Overgoods location. These locations are facilities where UPS holds packages that can't be recovered 🙈

Keep in mind that our software automatically refunds labels after 28 days. If your UPS label is auto-refunded, you'll need to recreate that label and not use the original refunded label when shipping out your package.

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