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How to set a different Origin Zip Code than your Return Address
How to set a different Origin Zip Code than your Return Address

Here's what to do if you're shipping from a different origin location or dropping off at a location that's outside your local Zip Code

Updated over a week ago

It's no problem to have a different origin for your shipments than the return address that's printed on the label.

Just head to Settings > Ship From Address to edit or add a new Ship From Address, and uncheck the checkbox at the bottom:

A screenshot showing the 'Ship From Address' section of Settings. On the top half of the page in the 'Physical Address' section, there's an arrow pointing at the 'Address' field with a notation reading, 'Enter the full origin address, or the Post Office you drop off at.' Below the Physical Address section, it reads 'Use this address as the Return Address on my shipping labels,' with a checkbox to the left. There's an arrow pointing at this with a notation reading, 'Uncheck this.' Finally, in the section towards the bottom titled 'Return Address (optional),' an arrow points at the address field with a notation reading 'Enter your address.'

The Physical Address is the "Origin," and is where the postage rates are calculated from. You have to enter a full address for the Physical Address of where your shipments will originate, not just the Zip Code. 

For example, you could enter the address of the Post Office or the local UPS drop-off point you'll be dropping your packages off at. You can use the USPS Post Office Locator to find the address of the Post Office, and the UPS drop-off locator tool to find the UPS drop-off point nearest to you.

NOTE: UPS uses the Billing Address you entered when you signed up for Pirate Ship as the delivery location for any packages returned to you, not the Return Address listed on your label! Learn more about where returned UPS packages get delivered.

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