UPS handles returned packages differently from how USPS does. Instead of a package coming back to the Return Address printed on your label, all UPS returned packages instead go to the Billing Address you entered when creating your Pirate Ship account.

Returned UPS packages get sent back to your Billing Address, not your Ship From Address

When you first create your free Pirate Ship account, our software prompts you to enter your physical address, which we treat as your Billing Address. This is the address where all returned UPS packages will come back to—not the Ship From Address you entered when making your label, nor the Return Address that appears on your label.

Returned packages include intercepted packages, as well as any shipments that UPS marks as "Undeliverable" for any reason. Again, returned UPS packages will not go to the Return Address listed on the label, but to your Billing Address instead 😅

Returned UPS packages aren't free

Another thing about returned packages with UPS is that they aren't free 🙈 You have to pay the return postage, plus any related costs of intercepting a package or surcharges.

Learn more about the different UPS surcharges.

How do I see my Billing Address?

You won't find your Billing Address anywhere in your Settings. If you'd like to see it, go to your Payment Receipts and click on one of your receipts. Whatever address is on your receipt is your Billing Address, and that's where your returned UPS packages will go.

Here's a screenshot of a payment receipt as an example of where to find your Billing Address:

How can I change my Billing Address?

If you'd like to change the Billing Address that shows up in your Pirate Ship account, just get in touch with our Support Crew and we can do that for you!

To reach our crew, you can either click the blue chat button in the bottom right-hand corner, or email us at

UPS won't change your Return Address once we update your Billing Address

One thing to be aware of here is that UPS isn't great about implementing updates to your Billing Address 😓 So, even if we make a change to your Billing Address, UPS will still deliver any returned packages to the original Billing Address you entered when you first signed up for your Pirate Ship account.

Rest assured, we're raising a mutiny and hoping to get this fixed soon!

Any questions? Get in touch with our Support Crew - we're always happy to lend a hook 😄

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