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How do I edit my Ship From Address?
How do I edit my Ship From Address?

You can change or add more Ship From Addresses, and each can have a different Physical and Return Address

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In Settings > Ship From Addresses, you can edit your address, or add another.

You can nickname them such as "Warehouse" or "Home Office" for easy reference, and set which one should be the default. You can set a Ship From Address to be your default option for making labels here:

Each Ship From Address can also have a separate Physical Address from the Return Address.

The Physical Address is where your postage rates will be calculated from, and where USPS® or UPS® will pickup your packages from if you request a pickup.

The Return Address is what is printed on the label, and for USPS, this is where your packages will be returned to if they are undeliverable for any reason. With UPS, any returned UPS packages will go to the Billing Address you provided when you signed up for Pirate Ship. Learn more about where returned UPS packages get delivered, and how to change your Billing Address.

PO boxes can be used for Return Addresses. 

If the Ship From address was wrong when you bought the label, you'll have to refund the label and start over. 

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