What is a Suggested Package?

When you import orders from an ecommerce platform, Pirate Ship will remember the package details you used last time to save you time.

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With Suggested Packages, Pirate Ship now learns from every order you ship, and will suggest package details to save you time:

A screenshot of the Package Details section that appears when you create a label. Instead of displaying where you'd enter the packaging type, weight, and dimensions, a drop down menu with a 'Suggested Package' appears. There's an option to 'Modify package' to the right of this drop down menu.

Suggestions are based on Order Items, so you've got to import from your ecommerce platform to use this feature.

When you import an order that's identical to one you've shipped before, Pirate Ship will suggest the packaging, size, weight, extra services, and the customs form you used last time, so you don't have to enter it again.

Suggested Packages work whether or not you've created a Saved Package, and you can always modify the suggestions if you need to. If it's a new order combination, or if you're batch shipping non-identical orders, your default Saved Package will still be suggested instead.

We hope this speeds up your shipping process! If you run into any questions, just use our chat... we're here for ya 😃

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