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Can I save my package for repeated use?
Can I save my package for repeated use?

Learn how to use Pirate Ship's Saved Package feature to save time when creating your labels

Updated over a week ago

Saved Packages are a great feature to utilize if you ship tons of the same-sized packages. This is perfect for subscription box businesses, coffee companies, or those who ship the same items repeatedly.

How to create a Saved Package

  • Creating a Saved Package While Shipping: Whether you're importing from one of our integrations or you need to send one box, you can create a Saved Package by selecting the checkbox labeled "Save Package" when creating a label.

    • Here's where to find that checkbox:

A screenshot showing the 'Create A Shipping Label Page' towards the bottom under where the packaging details are entered. At the bottom of the form, a section is highlighted where you can check to 'Save Package,' and enter a name for the package.
  • Enter Your Package Details: Simply enter the package details as usual. Remember that whatever you enter will be saved for future use 😉 If the "Save Package" checkbox is selected, your package will be saved!

    • Use Extra Services (if Needed): You can also include customs forms for international shipments, Signature Confirmation service, or any other details found under "Extra Services" in your Saved Package presets!

  • Another Way to Create a Saved Package: As an alternative, you can head to Settings > Saved Packages and click the blue "Create Saved Package" button.

    • This video shows you how that works:

How to select a saved package

  • Choosing Your Saved Package: Next time you're creating a label, just select your new Saved Package from the drop-down labeled "Package Details."

    • Here's where to find that drop-down menu:

A screenshot showing the Create A Shipping Label form. Below where you select the 'Ship From Address,' there's a drop down menu where you can select a saved package.

How to delete or edit existing Saved Packages

  • Manage Saved Packages: You can manage your Saved Packages by going to Settings > Saved Packages. Once there, you can edit existing Saved Packages, delete old ones, and make whichever one you want your default (which means it's pre-selected when you create a new label)

  • Modifying a Saved Package: When using a Saved Package, you can always click the Modify Package checkbox if you need to change anything, such as the weight or customs form.

Chat with us if we can help with anything!

Have any questions about Saved Packages, Matey? Hoist the flag and get in touch with ARRrrr crew by clicking the blue chat button - we'll get you sailing in no time! 😃

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