To enable Packing Lists or Gift Messages, go to Settings > General Settings

If you buy your labels by importing orders from one of the ecommerce platforms Pirate Ship integrates with, Pirate Ship will create packing lists and/or gift messages using the order details from your ecommerce platform. This feature does not currently work for labels created using the Single Label form or by uploading a spreadsheet. (Do you need that? Let us know!)

Packing Lists and Gift Messages are generated separately from the label, so you can put them into the package. This makes them different from Rubber Stamps, which are a way to put order information onto the corner of a label.

Packing Lists (includes gift messages)

Pirate Ship creates Packing Lists using your Ship From address and these order details:

  • Order ID
  • Order Date
  • SKU
  • Item Name
  • Quantity
  • Gift Message (if available)
  • Ship Date
  • Shipping Service
  • Dimensions & Weight
  • Tracking Number

If you use a regular desktop printer, you can have your labels and Packing Lists be printed side-by-side like this:

If you use a 4x6" label printer, then Packing Lists will come out after each label, like this:

Gift Messages

If an order includes a gift message, Pirate Ship can generate the entire gift message on a separate page from the label. The shipping service, dimensions, weight, and tracking number will also be included at the bottom, just in case it becomes separated from the label.

If you use a regular desktop printer, you can have the labels and Gift Messages be formatted side by side like this:

Or, if you use a 4x6" label printer, then Gift Messages will come out right after the label, like this:

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