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What are Rubber Stamps and how do I use them?
What are Rubber Stamps and how do I use them?

Print custom information like Order ID or Order Items on the corner of each label

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Rubber Stamps are a way to print non-address information on a label for reference. They are commonly used to double-check check you're putting a label onto the right package.

A gif showing the Create a Shipping Label form. When the checkbox next to 'Rubber Stamps,' is checked, some boxes appear below where you can enter information that will appear at the bottom of the physical label below the barcode.

You can create Rubber Stamps in several ways:

  • In the Create a Single Label form, check the "Rubber Stamps" checkbox.

  • When uploading a spreadsheet to create labels, you can map columns of your spreadsheet data to the three Rubber Stamp fields.

  • When Importing Orders from an eCommerce Integration, you can go to Settings / Integrations / Edit your Integration / Edit Field Mapping to assign data from your eCommerce platform to Rubber Stamps.  

Where are Rubber Stamps printed?

Rubber Stamps are printed on the bottom box of a label. You can have up to four Rubber Stamps with USPS labels, but they have strict character-length restrictions of 25 characters per line.

Pro Tip: Rubber Stamps are different for UPS than for USPS. UPS only allows for two Rubber Stamps instead of four like USPS does, and you can include up to 35 characters each for each line.

Rubber Stamps don't have much room!

When importing addresses from spreadsheets or from one of our eCommerce integrations, Pirate Ship will "cut off" the text in your Rubber Stamp lines if there are too many characters. When this happens, Pirate Ship will force a line break onto the next line... but once all the lines are filled, then the rest of the data will be cut off. Because of this, if the data you're using is very long, it's recommended to ONLY assign it to Rubber Stamp 1, and leave the other rubber stamps unused, so that it can flow into those lines.

Rubber stamps work differently when manually creating a single label. If you attempt to enter more than 34 characters per Rubber Stamps line when making a single label, you'll run into an error.

Remember: USPS gives you up to four lines of 25 characters for Rubber Stamps, while UPS gives you up to two lines of 35 characters!

Common uses for Rubber Stamps:

  • Order ID, so you can match the label to a packing list generated by another system (but have you thought about using Pirate Ship's packing lists instead?)

  • Order Items, which works if your order item names are very short, and if you don't get orders with lots of different items.

  • Batch Name, which is a custom name you give a batch when you're creating it in Pirate Ship. This gives you the freedom to come up with unique ways to group & reference orders.

NOTE: UPS® Ground Saver doesn't support Rubber Stamps. Also, if you’re shipping with USPS® or Simple Export Rate®, Rubber Stamps cannot be applied to international labels. However, Rubber Stamps do appear on UPS® international labels 😉

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