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Does Pirate Ship save my addresses?
Does Pirate Ship save my addresses?

Can I edit or delete a saved address?

Updated over a week ago

Pirate Ship doesn't currently have a feature where all your addresses and contacts are saved and stored. This is a request we hear quite a bit and it's something we hope to add in the future! 

We do, however, automatically auto-populate the name if you're on the Create Single Label page and you begin typing the client's information. 

As long as you've shipped to them in the last 3 months, their information will be there. This includes any address you've uploaded via spreadsheet, or gotten a rate quote for. When you type their name in, it'll look like this:

A screenshot of the 'Create a Shipping Label' form where you'll enter your recipient's address. The name 'Jack' is typed in the name field, and the rest of their information is automatically suggested for their email and address. In the fields where the suggestions appear the entire box is lit up in light blue. Below where 'Jack' is typed out, there's a drop down with the rest of their name, 'Jack Sparrow.' If this drop down is clicked, the rest of their information will be entered in the fields. There's a trash can icon to the right of 'Jack Sparrow,' if this is clicked, their information will be deleted.

You can either click the name, or hit enter to pull in the shipment.

If that address is no longer valid, you can click the trashcan icon and delete it. 

If the address that automatically populates is incorrect, simply do not click the suggestion and keep typing the address. You can also use the suggested address and make any corrections necessary. 

Any questions? Chat in with our Support Crew - we're happy to help 😃

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