You can add signature confirmation to any domestic shipment, for both USPS and UPS labels.

Just open the Extra Services area when creating a label, check the Signature Confirmation checkbox, and select which service you'd like:

  • Signature Confirmation will require a signature from anyone at the Ship To Address to be delivered.

  • Adult Signature will require that someone at the Ship To Address show their driver's license to prove they're 21+ to be delivered.

NOTE: International shipments with USPS cannot require signatures, so this won't be an option when shipping with either USPS or Asendia (Simple Export Rate).

How much does Signature Confirmation Cost?

For USPS shipments:

  • $2.90 for Signature Confirmation

  • $8.50 for Adult Signature

For UPS shipments:

  • $5.55 for Signature Required

  • $6.70 for Adult Signature

UPS Offers Signature Confirmation for International Shipments

If you want to add Signature Confirmation to any international packages, you can do so by creating a UPS label 👍

For the "Adult Signature" option, your recipients must be at least nineteen (19) years old in Canada, and twenty-one (21) in all other countries.

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