You can add signature confirmation to any domestic shipment, for both USPS and UPS labels.

Just open the Extra Services area when creating a label, check the Signature Confirmation checkbox, and select which service you'd like:

  • Signature Confirmation will require a signature from anyone at the Ship To Address to be delivered.

  • Adult Signature will require that someone at the Ship To Address show their driver's license to prove they're 21+ to be delivered.

NOTE: International shipments cannot require signatures, so this won't be an option.

How much does Signature Confirmation Cost?

For USPS shipments:

  • $2.90 for Signature Confirmation

  • $8.50 for Adult Signature

For UPS shipments:

  • $5.55 for Signature Required

  • $6.70 for Adult Signature

UPS Offers Signature Confirmation for International Shipments

If you want to add Signature Confirmation to any international packages, you can do so by creating a UPS label 👍

For the "Adult Signature" option, your recipients must be at least nineteen (19) years old in Canada, and twenty-one (21) in all other countries.

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