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How to intercept or return a package
How to intercept or return a package

Some USPS and UPS packages can be intercepted and returned to you before they're delivered

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Intercepting a USPS package

  • Intercept a USPS Package Still in Transit: If your package is still in transit, USPS may be able to intercept it and return it to you before it is delivered with the Package Intercept service.

  • Cost of a USPS Intercept: If the intercept is successful, USPS will charge you a $17.00 fee plus any applicable postage due for the return.

    • You'll be able to select either 'Return to Sender' or mark the package as 'Hold for Pickup' at your recipient's local Post Office, as seen here:

Intercepting a UPS package

  • Chat With Us to Intercept a UPS Package: If you need to intercept a UPS package, you don't need to create a UPS account! All you need to do is chat with our Support Crew, and we'll make it happen!

    • You can reach us via live chat by clicking the blue button at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, or you can send us an email at 👍

    • Use the Same Email Address as Your Pirate Ship Account: If you prefer email, please email our Support Crew from the same email address you use to sign into your Pirate Ship account when requesting a UPS reroute.

  • Your Options for UPS Intercepts: Once you give us the tracking number and any new address information, we can:

    • Reroute the package to a different or corrected address, but only if the package is not yet out for delivery

    • Return the package to you

    • Designate your package to be picked up via will call at a UPS access point (this option is free!)

  • Cost of a UPS Intercept: An intercept or a reroute for a UPS package will incur a $18.60 surcharge that you'll see applied as an adjustment on your shipment page, plus the cost of any additional postage.

Let us know how we can help

Any questions about intercepting a package or having one returned to you? Click the blue button to get in touch with our Support Crew - we ARRrrr always here to lend a hook, Matey! 😃

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