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How to intercept or return a package
How to intercept or return a package

Some USPS and UPS packages can be intercepted and returned to you before they're delivered

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Intercepting a USPS package

If your package is still in transit, USPS may be able to intercept it and return it to you before it is delivered with the Package Intercept service.

To see if your package qualifies for the Package Intercept service and begin the process, use this website:

You'll need to create a account, and if the intercept is successful then USPS will charge you a $15.25 fee plus any applicable postage due for the return. You'll be able to select either 'Return to Sender' or mark the package as 'Hold for Pickup' at your recipient's local Post Office, as seen here:

Intercepting a UPS package

If you need to intercept a UPS package, you don't need to create a UPS account! All you need to do is chat with our Support Crew, and we'll make it happen! You can reach us via live chat by clicking the blue button at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, or you can send us an email at 👍

An intercept or a reroute for a UPS package will incur a $17 surcharge you'll see applied as an adjustment on your individual shipment, plus the cost of any additional postage.

Once you give us the tracking number and any new address information, we can:

  • Reroute the package to a different or corrected address, but only if the package is not yet out for delivery

  • Return the package back to you

  • Designate your package to be picked up via will call at a UPS access point (this option is free!)

Any questions? Click the blue button to get in touch with our Support Crew - we're happy to lend a hook 😃

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