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Can I ship to PO Boxes with Pirate Ship?
Can I ship to PO Boxes with Pirate Ship?

Information on shipping to P.O Boxes

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Yes! USPS® is the only carrier that delivers to PO Boxes, so you can use Pirate Ship to purchase postage for shipping to PO Box addresses at the cheapest rates available.

When shipping to a PO Box, no address number or street name is needed in the address. You can format it like this:

Recipient Name

PO Box 12345

City, State ZIP

All packages can be delivered to a PO Box. If the shipment does not fit, or if you purchased a Signature Confirmation service, the Post Office will leave a notice in the box and hold on to the package for pickup.

Once a package is delivered to a PO Box, the recipient has an unlimited amount of time to retrieve it. A Post Office will only return the shipment to you if:

  • The PO Box is declared vacant with no forwarding address

  • The package is being held for pickup with notice left in the PO Box, and the recipient does not retrieve it (usually within 30 days)

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